Haunted Tunbridge Wells

Haunted Tunbridge Wells by Neil Arnold

Haunted Tunbridge Wells by Neil Arnold.

I love spooky stories, who doesn’t? I also love books about Tunbridge Wells, who doesn't? Hang on, what’s this, a book called Haunted Tunbridge Wells?

I was contacted by the author, Neil Arnold, many months ago whilst he was writing the book to see if I could help. Like all good ghost stories I only know those that have been passed along the generations so did my best to lend a hand, a ghostly ghoulish hand! OOoooOOOoooOOOoooooh!

The book covers phantoms, spooks, and apparitions from all over the whole Borough, from Benenden to Frittenden, and from Goudhurst to Southborough. Of course, most of the stories are from right in the middle of town and there is also a whole section devoted to The Pantiles, which the author calls "one of Kent's most haunted locations".

Being a huge fan of all things unexplainable I read it with relish and really enjoyed it. OK, so you may not believe all the stories but some are sure to make you look over your shoulder when walking around certain places after dark. Me, I shall be camping out in these places with a camera!

Most of the stories in the book are very old, and strangely some of them are actually appearing in print for the very first time. Whether you believe the stories or not, it’s still a great spooky read about places you will recognise so it has to be worth a purchase. Go on, buy a copy and scare the kids at bedtime (by that I mean by reading it to them not by jumping out of a darkened closet and hitting them with it).

...Calverley Road...the time travelling wormhole.

Without it you won't know where to spot the bat-winged monkey-bird monster (this one will really give the kids nightmares), or which is the most haunted pub. You won't know where to go to hear the singing children burning in the orphanage (actually this will REALLY give the kids nightmares), or where on Calverley Road the time-travelling wormhole is. I think I've convinced you by now haven't I?

Honestly, it's a great fun read and well worth picking up, and if anyone spots the "big white phantom car" then give me a shout!

If you can't get to Waterstones (reserve and collect online here), or any other reputable bookstore, then you can order from Amazon here. Incidentally, Neil will be signing copies of the book on Saturday 2nd of March from 11:00 until 14:00 at Waterstones in town.

Interestingly, Neil's day job isn't as a ghost hunter but something else just as bizarre. Neil researches and lectures on big cat sightings and has even been in Tunbridge Wells recently to examine several reported cases. In one case several deer carcasses were found completely stripped clean - one of which was found high up a tree! He has accumulated a lot of evidence on big cats around the area and is currently writing a book on the subject so stay tuned to hear all about that.

I would love to know what you think of Neil's ghost book, and would love to hear from you if you have any other stories that weren't printed in it, so why not leave a message in the comments, and remember kids - don't have nightmares.

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Should mention that for sale also in independent bookshops too! The Pantiles Papertole has copies so if you are bottom end of town do go support a local shop!

Thanks for the support - and if anyone is wondering, no, the recent 'story' regarding the so-called Tunbridge Wells 'Bigfoot' isn't in the book, because the story had nothing in it...despite making headline news across the world!

Couldn't order it from Amazon.uk, but I got it on Kindle. Will start reading tonight. Thanks, Chris!

When i lived in Acton London in the 70s with 3 children, I was bathing 1 of the children , And lloked up and in this mirror i saw this little old Grey Haired lady looking at us. I will never forget that

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