Shake To Wake The Taste

We are a spa town. Spa water is what our town was founded upon. It’s our raison d'être, or as the French would say our reason for being. So perhaps we should make more of it.

Chalybeate Water

Right then, how about this for a concept idea for our famous Chalybeate Spring water? Packaging it into small bottles for gifts would be a great way of getting the name of our town out there to the masses. If it's one thing our town needs it's more tourists and this would make quite the advertisement for us wouldn't it?

One popular argument against bottling the water is that it quickly oxidises into the rusty liquid that you can see in the photograph above, (it actually comes out of the spring sparklingly clear), and that it's therefore too unsightly to be sold in bottles. But think about it, this could be made into its major selling point. Even more so with a catchy “shake to wake the taste” slogan eh?

Whatever we do, think of this as a friendly reminder if you haven't been down to The Pantiles to drink a glass of the good stuff yet this year. Remember, you're not a proper Wellian if you haven't had a glass.

If you haven’t enjoyed some of the amber-ish nectar since the Spring reopened in March then let the words of Lord North's physician ruminate around your brain for a while, for he once said that our waters cured:

...the colic, the melancholy, and the vapours; it made the lean fat, the fat lean; it killed flat worms in the belly, loosened the clammy humours of the body, and dried the over-moist brain.

I bet we’ve all suffered the odd bout of over-moist brain recently haven’t we? Chin chin!

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Make it so :)

Can't be too difficult can it? Just a little of empty bottles and a big hose. I might watch that episode of Only Fools and Horses again to pick up some tips.

I'd contend that true Wellians don't drink the waters from a glass but rather from the metal mug on a chain on the freebie side of the well (or perhaps the elfin safety folk have put a stop to the practice - long time no see). That said, perhaps those who drink (can you still do it?) from the spring entering the Brighton Lake are even truer.

Great idea. Just one small amendment to the label,perhaps a line drawing of the building?

Fabulously remembered, Max, the metal jug had slipped my mind. Not sure about drinking from Brighton Lake these days though, after all the recent works down there.

Nice idea, Caroline, perhaps a drawing of the old triangular building too?

OK so my dog Max died last year and we asked for his ashes. Where to spread them? He loved playing in the local trickle river here in the park in TW. It's a stream that has the high orange, iron content and I now think its one of the feeds to the Chalybeate! So he did finish up in the stream and I have partaken of a glass at the Well recently and feel great. Not to be shown on the marketing page for the bottled version?

Awww, poor Max, sorry to hear that Tony. Lovely story though and Im sure hes always going to enjoy playing in the stream now, and no perhaps best left off the ingredients list.

We should carbonate it and call it Irn-Bru Organic.

Great idea, but coloured bottles, please. The orange gunge doesn't unstick. Lyle's once bottled it. Elegant bottle designers please step forward.

Is the water still there for the taking? The last time I visited, the secondary well was locked and the dipper had departed.

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