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      The Souvenir Market
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      Owner:Jenny Huang
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 23
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      Payment Methods:
      cash, debit, visa, mastercard, amex

      The Souvenir Market


      The Souvenir Market carries a complete range of souvenirs of Toronto, Canada, the RCMP, the Toronto Maple Leafs & Raptors, Anne of Green Gables and more. There are native crafts and sculptures, books, maps, tour guides, postcards, calendars, friendship pins, fridge magnets, spoons, key chains and other little gifts to remember your trip to Canada. Jenny also stocks maple syrup, maple candies, and maple-flavoured tea & coffee. In addition, she has a line of B.C. jade and made-in-Canada amethyst jewellry.

      The busy little shop at the front door of the Market has been in business for over 10 years welcoming tourists and locals alike. It has become the meeting place for the Walking Tours with Market historian Bruce Bell, and for guided tours of the City on the Double Decker Bus. Jenny has become the ambassador for the Market and the City, as she is often the first person visitors meet here.