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    1. js75.com

      Whitehouse Meats
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      Owner:Leila Batten
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 16
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      Payment Methods:
      ? cash, debit, visa, mastercard

      Whitehouse Meats


      Best Game Meats – Toronto Life

      We are known for our large selection of well aged beef, pork, lamb, milk fed veal, chicken, ducks, turkeys. They are available and cut to your specifications. We have sourced a staggering variety of unique meats like venison, buffalo, wild boar, kangaroos, camel and game birds.  We are recognized for our superior quality, price value and desire to please.

      Our reputation for fresh product is enhanced with our collection of prepared and smoked meats like Bearbrook Farms smoked game sausages, Carmichaels pepperettes and from France – Delpeyrats confit Duck legs and foie gras.