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      Alex Farm Products
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      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 23
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      cash, debit, visa, mastercard

      Alex Farm Products


      Alex Farm has been providing the widest variety and the highest quality imported and domestic cheeses for over 30 years. Every week we receive rare, hand-made, farm fresh cheeses from Italy, France, Spain, Holland, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland and USA. We also offer amazing variety of Canadian cheeses. Our selection of seasonal and artisan cheeses is absolutely unparalleled.

       In our store you can also find specialty products, such as fine Olive oils, balsamic vinegars (including varieties aged over 50 years), truffles and truffle oils, the best pure foie gras and pates).

       Alex Farm makes exceptional cheese platters and gift baskets for any occasion. The freshest ingredients and exceptional care is given to each order.

       We ship our cheese and other specialty items all over the country. Last minute orders and large quantities are not a problem.