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      Anything Goes Accessories
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      Owner:Nesrin Akdemir
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Lower Level B40
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      Payment Methods:
      cash, debit, visa, mastercard

      Anything Goes Accessories


      Anything Goes is a small boutique owned and operated by Nesrin Akdemir, a talented and experienced jewellery designer who has been retailing at the Market since 2000. Her attractive shop in the Craft Annex displays her hand-made jewellery designs, unusual mannequin jewellery organizers in different costumes, trinket jewel boxes imported from Poland and Costa Rica, and metal and silver coin  jewellery from Turkey.

      Nesrin is always busy putting together her original beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. Many of the beads she uses in her designs are imported semi-precious stones or hand-made coloured glass beads of unique design. There are always attractive new designs on display at her shop.