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      Owner:Tom Antonosakis
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 33
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      Payment Methods:
      cash, debit, mastercard, visa

      Buster's Sea Cove


      Tom has been in the food business since he was a youngster, helping his parents with their restaurants and catering service. He himself has many years experience, developing a chain of successful licensed cafes called "Cocoberry Café."

      Buster’s has been a Market landmark for many years, with its famous fish and chips, fresh seafood and homey "Down East" atmosphere.

      Tom plans to expand Buster’s to an outdoor café, with customer-friendly seating and service. Buster’s has always been known for its excellent fish sandwiches, fried fish, curly fries and homemade coleslaw. Tom has added a wider variety of seafood with grilled fresh "catch-of-the-day" sandwiches, salmon steaks, talaipia steaks, calamari rings, and fresh Greek salads.