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      Carnicero's Prime Meats & Fine Foods
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      Owner:Brad Noonan
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 26
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      Payment Methods:
      cash, debit, visa, mastercard, amex

      Carnicero's Prime Meats & Fine Foods


      Carniceros is Toronto's newest butcher shop. We cater to the discerning customer. Always fresh and friendly, our staff are here to satisfy all your needs for gourmet beef, pork, chicken, veal and lamb. We are exclusive dealers of Heritage Meat Products- a selection of processed meats, award winning products made from only Ontario wares.

      We also have a fajita bar for lunch, beef, chicken and pulled pork, just to name a few, come join us for lunch. We've been discovered by Toronto Life! http://www.torontolife.com/daily/daily-dish/weekly-lunch-pick/2012/01/09/weekly-lunch-pick-carniceros/

      Look for the big umbrella, first store from Front St.