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      St. Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream
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      Owner:Aziz Hosseini
      Telephone Number:
      Vendor Address:
      St. Lawrence Market, Upper Level 36
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      Payment Methods:
      cash, debit

      St. Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream


      St. Lawrence Pizza & Ice Cream specializes in fresh homemade pastas, pizzas, pesto and sauces. Aziz is often hard at work at his pasta-making machine in front of the shop, creating many shapes of fresh pasta. All his pastas are made on site using pure semolina flour with no additives or preservatives. His fresh homemade sauces and pestos are based on old family recipes. All his wonderful pastas, sauces and pestos are available in containers to take home to heat up for dinner or entertaining. Whole fresh pizzas can be ordered to your specifications. They also sell pizza dough and ingredients for those who like to make their own. At the busy lunch counter, you can buy containers of fresh pasta with a sauce of your choice, pesto and cheese added for extra flavour. Pizza in many styles is available by the slice. They are also well known for their many flavours of hand-scooped ice cream, frozen yogurts and old-fashioned milkshakes and smoothies.

      The restaurant and shop has been at the same location on the west side of the South Market since 1996. When Aziz and his family took over the business a few years ago, he extended the varieties of pizza, pasta and sauces available to the customers. He demonstrates pasta making everyday for the public to see and answers any questions about the process.